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How to make your E-Commerce business generate sales even during COVID-19

you may have seen the advantages of having an E-Commerce business. How can running an online business be an advantage for your business? I think it’s time. That you need to start changing your business to be conducive to selling E-Commerce to generate “more” income for yourself,

but !! In order to make selling products through your E-Commerce channel, generate sales and generate profits so dramatically. It’s not easy to do it back. Like the way you think In addition to your product must have a distinctive point. have a reasonable price is a favorite of customers You still have to rely on various sales techniques as a “helper”

to adapt to the current COVID-19 situation where customers are becoming more careful with their spending.

But are there any interesting techniques? and can be applied to your business’s E-Commerce channel Let’s follow it.

1. Discount Code

Discount Code or “discount code” is a set of words, letters or short numbers. that you set up For customers to enter the code and put it in the blank before paying online. It will receive a percentage discount from various stores.

For Discount Code is a method developed from the normal price reduction. This method is considered a technique for a wide variety of businesses today. If they are on E-Commerce channels, they often use this technique to increase sales for businesses. And of course, it’s another good way to make a profit for you.

Because Discount Code is like giving your customers a special feeling. Because discount codes usually have a limited time and privileges. Make customers feel that the moment the discount code comes out That’s the special moment “have to hurry” if you want to

get the product. That makes the Discount Code become a waiting list from many customers.

You can also use the Discount Code to attract new customers. To come to know your brand or business as well. You may be suitable for a special group for new customers, such as giving away a 40% Discount Code for new customers who purchase products with you for the first time.

In addition to the importance of setting the percentage of the price that you want to reduce. (affecting your income and profit) Another important thing that you can’t ignore is that the name Discount Code is interesting enough and sure enough to keep up with the situation is another way you can add. Easy to order from customers.

For example, the Motellbrews café in Germany sells their beverages online, which is nothing new. But what makes the difference for this store is that the discount code name is more attractive using the current situation. campaigning for people to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus It’s just a code name. “STAYINGHOME”,

which benefits from having a Discount Code in addition to increasing sales add new customers It also makes the brand image look up-to-date. We care about the safety of our customers, even in small matters. For anyone who has their own E-Commerce business Don’t forget to pick up this technique and try it out.


  1. Free Shipping,

    another technique to increase sales that works well (Or some people may already use it) very much. Free Shipping or the name that we are familiar with is “free shipping” is probably a word that makes customers who will buy your products smile. because

because current situation Where selling products cannot be done through the store as usual 100%, what must be in line with E-Commerce is “delivery”

because most of the shipments are paid delivery. increase which must not be good If you are a business with many sales competitors They’ll be able to use lower shipping costs to cut prices and ultimately take customers away from you. But you can easily

change the game back to the advantage. Willing to reduce the profit that will be a little But get more new customers by using Free Shipping technique

Free Shipping is a bonus back to your lovely customers. Try to imagine the following. that on your product display page that has the words “Free Shipping or Free Shipping” on it, how much can it attract customers to order? Which the use of this Free Shipping

technique, you must be in conjunction with the promotion. or good public relations Because this is your selling point.

You may create a new Banner to put on the home page of the website. to emphasize customers or strangers It’s worth it if you come to buy products with your brand. Along with shooting Ads through various channels to let everyone know about your great promotions.

which in addition to the benefits of free shipping That you can give to your customers, the Free Shipping technique is also like a marketing combo. that can be matched to add value to any technique For example, buy a product with your store today with a Discount Code for 15% off, plus free shipping!

and if you have a good brand promotion Like this, people who have visited your online store. It will increase the percentage in order for them to become your customers. It’s called a technique that can easily turn a “Visitor” into a “Customer”.


  1. New Product Bundles

We are stuck in the house for a long time. Under circumstances where shopping can’t be done as usual. Does that cause a feeling of restlessness in Online Shopping?

If you think most consumer behavior is going this way. This is a technique that you should definitely apply to your business: “New Product Bundle” or package sales. In theory, Bundle Sales is a promotion. Selling more than 2 items, but selling at a lower price than normal.

Based on the book The Psychology of Pricing, this technique is That has been recognized as another technique to make your sales skyrocket and the world-class E-Commerce website, Amazon, also uses this technique to increase orders as well.

The result of this New Product Bundle technique is that you can attract customers and generate large orders. because the customer will feel that the money he has wasted They get their value back. Especially if you have the newest product that you want to sell. Using this technique can also attract more customers to your new product.

And under this kind of Covid-19 situation that customers can’t go out to shop as usual. Package sales techniques Present the value you will give them. It may be what customers want the most during this time.

As an example of Malicious Women’s website, they are a business selling scented candles. They also use the New Product Bundle technique to increase the sales of their business as well. He sells DIY scented candle making kits for kids, allowing customers

to make scented candles in their own scent. Called as an example of selling a new product bundle that has been well analyzed by customer behavior.

because instead of selling only scented candles or selling equipment to make pieces Instead, they sell them as DIY packages to make them yourself because due to the Covid-19 situation, everyone has to stay at home. This is a great opportunity for

families to spend time together. Selling products that affect family activities Therefore, it becomes the most demanded by consumers during this period.

but !! If you want to apply this technique Must be taken into account. that the price reduction or any promotion is to reduce your profit as well. You must always calculate costs and expenses first. Therefore, this technique is suitable for businesses that have a lot of stock or businesses that want to drain their products.


  1. Charity Focus.

    For this technique, it should be suitable for use in our country, that is, Charity Focus or “charity”. This technique is a technique to increase sales via E-Commerce that in addition to earning benefits already It also promotes the brand image in a good way (with a little CSR)

    by Charity Focus technique. is to share a portion of the revenue from the sale of one or all of your sales to “donate” or give to organizations, agencies. that benefits society To increase sales from customers who want to contribute through your purchases. without additional cost

    Especially under the Covid-19 situation that everyone is having a hard time. Helping each other is the best thing. that humans together can make each other Notice that if a business that uses this Charity Focus technique during Covid-19 will be successful in terms of sales and have a good brand image in the eyes of customers.

    From the example of the famous apparel brand Goodkrama. Unless they can use the techniques mentioned above for E-Commerce businesses on the website, both Discount Code and Free Shipping completely. They also use the Charity Focus technique,

    where they sell Zero Waste Masks to interested customers, earning 30% of the revenue from the sale. They will be donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) to help fund the ongoing Covid-19 situation around the world.

    but most importantly I would recommend that if any business chooses the Charity Focus technique, you should use it with honesty, transparency, and no deception. and should help other social problems continuously It’s not just used as a sales booster and

then disappears. But it must be done continuously for a good image for your brand or your own business.


  1. Local Community Focus

    For the Local Community Focus technique, it is another technique that is similar to Charity Focus in the previous item in case the customer does not wish to buy the product for their own use. You can use this method to allow customers to help society

by donating “products” of your own brand by using the E-Commerce system as a manager.

Local Community Focus technique is starting to gain popularity abroad during the Covid- 19 and it is to support small organizations or community businesses to give them encouragement to go through the crisis. By using products in your E-Commerce channel as a medium to help.

For example, this is The Barn coffee shop in Berlin. germany Another country most affected by the Covid-19 virus in the world, they use the Local Community Focus technique on their E-Commerce website as well.

They allow customers to order coffee online. for the shop to deliver to a small hospital In two Berlin locations, for medical workers to work hard day and night caring for Covid-19 patients, they drank heavily. Customers can order from 1 cup to 1 large pack of self-brewed coffee beans. The price is the actual price that The Barn sells,

although this technique may not be a normal sales technique. But it’s another great sales technique. that brings you closer to your customers Businesses have income and can help society together. Get a good brand image and can create an impact to create

word-of-mouth in society It can be said that it is another technique that can benefit your brand or business in the long run.


  1. Adapting Social Media Feeds

    This technique is a simple closing technique. You should do if you want your business, E-Commerce, your rising trend Covid-19 efficiency is Adapting Social Media Feeds or adjusting Social Media for your business to the current

    definition of “adjustment. ” here is Adjusting Content Content, Artwork, Hashtag use, as well as a plan to promote your business through social media channels to be more in line with the Covid-19 situation because of course, most E-Commerce businesses

nowadays, almost every brand has a channel. Social Media for contact or public relations with customers already

Adapting Social Media Feeds to the situation In addition to helping to promote your product sales channels This will make customers feel good about your brand or business. Don’t feel that your social media pages are for sale only. but also showing

concern for customers, keeping up with the world and keeping up to date with the situation