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How do both Page Speed ​​and SEO increase business opportunities?

In the corner of users like us Suppose that if we are pressed to visit one website. When you click to enter the website but have to wait for the website to load for a long time (more than 3 seconds) How do you manage it? I believe most of them will close the site completely. And go find a new website better

if the User happens to do so often. Consequences that will occur in SEO and SERP page rank will surely follow. Since the traffic of the website may not have at all. And when there is less traffic, what will follow as a chain is the matter of bounce rate that will be another important factor in SEO.

because when User comes to your website but have to wait a long time to load until they press off Then go find another website instead of doing this kind of action. That will send the Bounce Rate of the website very high (because the User does not take action to other pages of the website)

and as soon as your website has a high Bounce Rate, Google will rate your website less. Until it does not appear on the first page of Google, resulting in your SEO is not successful enough.

You can see that the basics of SEO, the first thing you should pay attention to is Page Speed ​​because no matter how attractive your business is, when the user can’t access the website Chances are you will turn them into customers. including the opportunity to generate sales for the business All of them are definitely difficult to do.